The school topic is "Physics at the femtometer scale" and it also commemorates the 30th Anniversary of the school.
Scientific program

Participants are expected  to arrive in La Colle Sur Loup on Sunday, 11th September 2011
 before dinner and leave on   Saturday, 17th  September 2011  at 12h00 .
Lectures will start at 8.45 am on Monday,12th September 2011 and end  on Saturday 17th
September  2011 at 12h00.

The school will take place in La Colle sur Loup (very close to Saint Paul de Vence) and 10 mins from the Nice Airport.

There is no registration fee.
As the number of participants is restricted,  the participants are requested to  register  on the web site of the school before June 23rd 2011.
In order to register you have two different steps to follow:
1-Create an account on ScienceConf.
You can get this account when you are on the registration form (please find the link below)

Fill the first page and  press "next step" at the bottom of the page. Then you will receive on your mail box an e-mail confirming your account (login and password). After receiving the email please do not forget to activate your account !

Note that you are not registered at this stage.

Please  do not forget to register in step 2

 2-Fill up the registration form.
When your registration will be done press "register". Then you will receive another e-mail confirming your registration.

To create an account or to register please go to the
Registration page.

Additional information will be later supplied to the registered persons

Participants will be lodged directly at the Belambra "La Colle sur Loup"resort  and will share apartments with two separate rooms.
For non-supported participants, a fee of 507.60 euros (double room)  will be charged  which covers  accommodation and meals starting from Sunday (dinner included) and ending on Saturday (lunch included).

Lodging of the participants - permanent employees, post docs and PhD students belonging to the CNRS laboratories will be supported by the IN2P3 Formation Permanente.
Other participants should directly pay on arrival at the school.

Few grants will be also available. Those interested in applying for a grant should provide a CV including name, age, situation of the candidate, the laboratory as well as a brief report (1/2 page) on their current research and a letter of recommendation by June 23rd 2011 at the latest to the following address:( ).

Transportation between the SNCF railway station of Nice and the Airport of Nice  will be provided to the participants arriving on Sunday, 11th September and leaving on Saturday, 17 th September  after the lectures.

Students are encouraged to present a poster of their work. There will be two dedicated sessions during the school week.
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