"New avenues with radioactive ion beams 1 " "New avenues with radioactive ion beams 2 " – B.M.Sherrill


"To the limits with gamma-ray spectroscopy" – R.V.F.Janssens


"Review of Mean field theories" D.Lacroix


"Shell Model; Past, Present and future" – A.Poves


"Nuclear interactions and nuclei" – T.Papenbrock


"EOS and phase transition: Nuclei to stars" – F.Gulminelli


"Giant resonance studies: perspectives" – M.N.Harakeh


"Fission: A complete laboratory" – K.H.Schmidt


"Probing the structure of the nucleon" – N.D’Hose


"Advances in Quark Gluon Plasma" – G.Martinez


"Theory of strong interactions" – J.P.Lansberg


"Applications of nuclear physics - Nuclear energy" – H.Flocard


"Hadron therapy" – D.Cussol



                        The seminar: "100 years of studying the Nucleus" – A.Lopez-Martens

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